One of the most effective ways to prevent corruption is to ignite a sense of ethics among people. The traditional religious institutions of the society could play a crucial role in this regard. The Commission brought out a book lot of religious sermons in April 2011 titled “Dire Consequences of Corruption” for the imams and religious leaders. The booklet compiled statements from the Holy Quran and Holy Tradition condemning corruption to be delivered during Friday prayers as religious sermons. The booklet was distributed in mosques and other religious institutions in the country through the integrated district offices of the ACC and Islamic Foundation, Bangladesh at free of cost.

From March 2012, ACC started publishing its Quarterly titled "Dudok Darpan". The 1st issue of Dudok Darpan was Published on March 26, 2012.

In February 2011, a postage stamp was unveiled at the ACC Headquarters that used different anti- corruption slogans.