Promotional Activities



 ACC undertook some promotional activities as well. It placed advertisements against corruption in the leading national dailies. With the help of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), the mobile phone users were sent text messages to refrain from corruption.

Some billboards, sponsored by commercial banks, were placed aimed at accelerating the fight against corruption by drawing attention of the pedestrians. On the occasion of Corruption Prevention Week and International Anti-Corruption Day, T-shirts showing slogans against corruption were distributed among labourers. Thousands of posters were printed and put against the walls in different parts of Bangladesh including the capital. The posters read: Say No to Corruption, Both the bribe-giver and receiver will be burnt in the fire of hell and Prevent corruption to save the country.

Some of the Anti-Corruption posters were put in all police stations with the anticipation that it would inform the citizens of their rights as well as remind the officers-on-duty what they were obliged to provide the people.