Present Activities of Prevention Wing



Different Initiative of Prevention Wing of Anti-Corruption Commission

  1. In order to promote civic engagement throughout the country in grass root level Anti-Corruption Commission spent its considerable time in the reconstitution and operation of Corruption Prevention Committees (CPC) throughout the country. Prevention Wing reconstituted 9 city CPC’s, 62 district CPC’s and 420 Upazila (sub district) CPC’s which are in full operation to institutional movement against corruption.
  2. In order to promote honesty and integrity among the Youth of the country, ACC has been formed ‘Integrity Units’ (Satata Sangtha) at the all educational institutions. About 20,885 integrity Units are in operation throughout the country.
  3. In order to buildup awareness among the student of this country, ACC has arranged nationwide Debate Competition in two levels (Secondary and Higher Secondary) which is going on in full swing.
  4. In order to create awareness about integrity among the young generation. ACC has arranged Slogan and Poster competition for them.
  5. In order to motivate the Journalist in the fight against corruption ACC launched ‘ACC Media Award’ which is given in two categories. The award already given for this year during “Corruption Prevention week- 2014”.
  6. In order to observe the foundation day of the ACC, Prevention Wing has formulated various programs to implement in a befitting manners.
  7. In order to observe the “International Anti Corruption Day-2014”, Prevention Wing is going to formulate its agenda nationwide.
  8. In order to observe the forthcoming “Anti Corruption Week -2014” in Bangladesh from 26 March to 1 April’ Prevention Wing has taken various initiatives and successfully implemented anti corruption campaign throughout the country.
  9. An initiative for selection of ‘Best Upazila CPC’ and ‘Best District CPC’ in Divisional level in the fight against corruption is going on.
  10. To reflect the activities of ACC throughout the year, Prevention Wing has made “Anti corruption Commission Annual Report- 2013”.
  11. In order to build up a dynamic and international standard of ACC’s website, Necessary work is being done with the technical assistance of GIZ.
  12. ACC regularly publishes a Quarterly Magazine to reflect the regular activities of ACC.
  13. ACC is implementing a project named ‘Justice Reform and Corruption Prevention’ in five districts at field level on prevention of corruption with the assistance of GIZ.
  14. ACC formulated it’s draft communication Strategy for 2015-2019 with the technical assistance of World Bank.
  15.  ACC is working on to formulate its Strategic Plan with the technical assistance of GIZ.
  16. Progress regarding the views of exchange among the member of newly reconstituted CPC is going to be started.
  17. ACC is going to print 1, 50,000 poster to mobilizing Anti Corruption massage throughout the country. 
  18. A Code of Conduct has been prepared for the members of CPC’s to be followed during discharging their duties.