Integrity Units



'Integrity Unit'  Anti-Corruption Platform for the Youth

The youth possess as the power to challenge corruption in the country. Their active participation and awareness can substantially help eradicate corruption from the society. In order to institutionalise the youth's voice against corruption, the Commission formed 'integrity units' (“satata sangha” called in Bangla) at the secondary schools and madrasas with the students of class VI-X.

There is an executive committee for each 'integrity unit' which composes of 11 members. All students of the respective educational institutes are granted general membership of the unit. A 3-5 member advisory council is formed consisting of the teachers of those institutions to guide the units' activities. 

These units work as associated bodies of Corruption Prevention Committees to create awareness against corruption and promote integrity among the young generation. With the assistance of Corruption Prevention Committees, Integrity Units organise seminars, discussions, drama, debate and essay competition in different districts and towns, which were participated by school and college going pupils. The ACC distributed thousands of rollers inscribed with “Honesty is the best policy” and “We shall not involve in corruption, tolerate it or accept it” among the members of Integrity Units. 

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