Special Enquiries & Investigations



The Special Inquiry and Investigation Wing is one of the six wings of ACC. There are 3 sections under this wing namely Special Inquiry and Investigation-1, Special Inquiry and Investigation-2 and Special Inquiry and Investigation-3.






A. Undertakes Enquiry & Investigation on:

(1)  Corruption of important nature related to high profile government officials, corporate/business personnel, public servants/representatives and citizens.

(2)  Institutional Corruption at Govt. Offices by constituting special teams for monitoring the irregularities of the following service providing agencies:

(i) Dhaka City Corporation (DCC),

(ii) Local Govt. Engineering Division (LGED),

(iii) Roads & Highways Division (RHD) and Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA),

(iv) Education Engineering Department (EED) and Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE)

(v) Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RajUK),

(vi) Govt. Employees Welfare Board (BKKB) ,

(vii) National Board of Revenue (Customs Wing) and Port Authority

(viii) Petrobangla and Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC),

(ix) Public Works Department (PWD), National Housing Authority (NHA) and Directorate of Govt. Accommodation (DOGA),

(x) Ministry/Directorate of Health & Health Related Establishments of the Government.

(xi) Electricity and Water Resources (PDB, DESCO, DPDC, BWDB & WASA).

(3)  Corruption Complaints on Govt. Contracts/PPR/Purchase etc.

(4) Corruption Complaints on issues concerning Govt's national and international interest. 

(5) Corruption Complaint on NGOs and Charity Organizations.

(6)  Miscellaneous Issues.


B. Undertakes Enquiry & Investigation on:

  1. Money Laundering, Financial Crimes and Terrorist Financing.
  2. Bank and Financial Institution related irregularities, complaints and fruad etc.
  3. Complaint against VIPs & PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons).
  4. Complaint against possessing illegal asset.
  5. Any other grand/special nature of corruption.


C. Research and Cooperation :

Anti Money Laundering Unit under Special Enquiry & Investigation Wing conducts following events:

  1. Prepares National Risk Assessment Report in collaboration with BFIU and CID (Police).
  2. Deals with Mutual Evaluation in line with the Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering (APGML) and other transnational organizations standard.
  3. Conducts regular meetings and cooperation with different stakeholders i.e. Bangladesh Bank, Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit (BFIU), CID etc.



Special Enquiry and Investigation Wing of Anti-Corruption Commission undertakes enquiry and investigation against sensitive, tangable and important corruption complaints. Under the UNCAC Framework it became possible by Special Enquiry and Investigation Wing of Anti-Corruption Commission bring back amounting 2.04 million SgD in 2012 and 0.96 million USD in 2013, which equals to approx. 21 crore BDT, which were laundered by important personalities.

Hall-Mark Group:

35 Chargesheets have been submitted to the court for trial on the charge of misappropriation of 1941 crore BDT from Sonali Bank Ltd. (Sheraton Branch of Dhaka) by 6 Group of companies including Hall-Mark. In addition, misappropriated money amounting 408.62 BDT have been recovered as a result of facilitation of Special Enquiry and Investigation Wing.

Destiny Group:

Chargesheet on two cases have been submitted to the court against 53 accused personnel and Departmental Proceedings against 15 persons on the gorund of misappropriation charge of 4119 crore BDT belonging to millions to customers/clients in the name of Multi Level Marketing.

Bismillah Group:

12 FIRs against 54 personnel have been lodged for misappropriating 1174.46 crore BDT from a number of banks by availing Expert Credit Facilities and using fraud papers/documents on the plea of Export, whihch was otherwise fake.


10 FIRs were lodged on the charge of misappropriation of approx. 208 crore BDT, manupulating international Incoming Calls by technical alteration and erasing Call Data from the telephone exchanges i.e. IGW and ICX. Charge Sheet have been submitted against the accused.

Mutual Evaluation and Bangladesh:

In accordance with conducting a On-site Visit in Bangladesh by Asia/Pacific Group on Money Laundering (APGML) in November 2013 and preceding Mutual Evaluation reports made by them, Bangladesh has been acknowledged unanimously in the FATF plenary meeting in Paris in February 2014 as COMPLAINT country relating to the implementation of global AML-CFT standards.

Director General Md. Atiqur Rahman Khan
Telephone (desk) +88028333426

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