Enquiries & Investigations



Conduct of enquiries into and investigations of corruption offences are the principal statutory functions of the Commission (Section 17(a) of the ACC Act, 2004). Outputs of enquiries and investigations become the bases of prosecuting corruption offences. Section 19 and Section 20 of the ACC Act, 2004 confers special powers on the Commission in respect of enquiry or investigation (elaborated in 'About Anti Corruption Commission'). The Commission has also given the number one priority to the identification of corruption areas in its Medium Term Expenditure Framework.

The organogram approved by the Government has referred to the following matters for enquiries and investigations:

i. finance and money laundering;
ii. land, land revenue and lease;
iii. bribes (finance, assets and services);
iv. illegal attainment of movable and immovable assets;
v. corruption in construction works and communication sector;
vi. implementation of development projects and corruption in non-government organisations;
vii. duty and revenue, businessmen/business organisations;
viii. government buying-selling, issuance of license;
ix. offensive breaking oath and abuse of power; and
x. others i.e. the offences mentioned in the schedule of the ACC Act, 2004.

Enquiry and Investigation Wing and Special Enquiry and Investigation Wing are doled out to look after the Commission's enquiry and investigation matters. Branches and Sections of these Wings oversee enquiries and investigations carried out by six divisional offices and 22 integrated district offices at the field level.

Director General Md. Asaduzzaman