Recruitment and promotion in ACC during 2011 – 2013

The Commission is empowered by the ACC Act, 2004 to appoint the necessary number of officers and personnel to carry out its work efficiently (Section 16 (3)). The law also refers to determine the appointment and terms and conditions of the Secretary and other personnel of the Commission by rules and until the formulation of such rules by administrative order – subject to the approval of the Government (Section 16 (4)).

By applying this statutory authority, the Commission pronounced Anti-Corruption Commission (Personnel) Employment Rules, 2008 in order to determine the appointment and terms and conditions of its personnel. The Rules provides four methods of recruitment to fill the ACC's vacant posts. The methods are direct recruitment, recruitment through promotion, recruitment through transfer on deputation, and contract-based recruitment. Rule 4 stipulates the Commission to form a recruitment and promotion committee for making recommendations on direct recruitment or recruitment through promotion.

In 2012 the Commission made an amendment to Schedule-1, Serial No. 12, and Column No. 4 of the 2008 Employment Rules, which revised proportion of recruitment at Deputy Assistant Director Positions from '60% through direct recruitment and 40% through promotion' to '50% through direct recruitment and 50% through promotion'.

Capacity enhancement of ACC personnel during 2012 – 2013

ACC places emphasis on staff capacity enhancement by sending them to various trainings home and abroad. It arranges foundation training for new recruitees in partnership with Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre (BPATC). Besides, the officers are sent to short trainings sponsored by the Commission itself, government departments, non-government organisations and development partners.

The Commission has given priority to enhance its staff capacity in money laundering investigation, antimoney laundering and counter terrorism financing investigation collaboration and coordination during 2012-13. Nine training courses were organised in this specialised area during this period. The World Bank and GIZ sponsored eight training courses and the Bangladesh Bank financed one course.

In addition to anti money laundering training, the Commission's sponsored training courses in 2013 are: asset recovery, basic computer literacy, view exchange with media, English language proficiency, office management, website design and development, digital signature for information security, and egovernance and e-commerce. 

In 2012 two foundation trainings were arranged with the Commission's finance. Many ACC's sponsored trainings were conducted by national training institutes i.e. Bangladesh Computer Council, Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre and National Planning and Development Academy.The Commission's officials have been sent to six other training courses organised on 'fire fighting, security and surveillance' by National Security Intelligence and Fire Service and Civil Defence,'investigation and prosecuting financial crime' by US Embassy, and 'public procurement' by Ministry of Public Administration in 2013. They also participated in three short training programmes on 'fire fighting', 'content for journalists' and 'office management' arranged by Fire Service and Civil Defence, MRDI and BPATC in 2012

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