Administration, Establishment & Finance



The Administration, Establishment & Finance Wing is responsible for managing ACC's human and financial resources and logistics. The Wing is divided into two branches namely, Administration & Establishment and Finance & Accounts. The Administration and Establishment Branch is responsible for the following matters:

  • manage recruitment, promotion, posting, transfer, deputation, travels of all officers and employees of the Commission;
  • undertake the necessary steps as per rules regarding disposal of departmental cases filed against the ACC personnel and maintenance of conditions and other matters of their services;
  • submit the proposals of nominations of officers/staff for foreign trainings;
  • assist the Secretary of the Commission in providing secretarial support towards the Commission's meetings;
  • inspect subordinate offices at least twice each year and submit inspection report to the Commission's Secretary;
  • supervise the overall security, maintenance of store, furniture, and infrastructures of the Commission; and
  • collect, maintain and supply necessary machinery for all wings of the Commission. 
Director General Muhammad Munir Chowdhury